Notice to all Europeans and Swiss residing in the UK- What to do to ensure your right of residence amidst Brexit

Europeans and Swiss in the current context of Brexit

The British government is reassuring: for the moment, the rights of Europeans and Swiss have not changed. However, it might be worthwhile to explore the requirements if you are considering applying for permanent residence or obtaining British citizenship.

Resident less than 5 years

If you have been residing in the United Kingdom for less than five years, it is possible to request a “registration certificate” if you fall under the category of a qualified person. This means that you are self-sufficient, working, self-employed, or looking for work. For this “registration certificate,” you must show pay slips, past bank statements, and the last financial reports of the company. The application is done through the “Home Office” and has a cost of 65 GBP. It is mandatory to provide identification throughout the entire procedure by the administration. Applicants can also use the service “European passport return service” to keep their passport during the application process.

Resident more than 5 years

If you have been residing in Great Britain for more than five years, it is possible to obtain a document certifying your right for permanent residence. The application form is like that of registration certificate and it also costs 65 GBP. Proof of residence for a period of more than five years can be ascertained by providing tax returns, water and electricity bills, and medical appointments at your General Practitioners office.

British citizenship for naturalisation can be requested after 6 years of residence in the United Kingdom. You will need to provide evidence that you did not spend more than 450 days outside of British territory in the past 5 years. This process has a cost structure above 1000 GBP because of the fees imposed by the Home Office. You can be assisted by a specialist during this process.

It is strongly advised to do these formalities in this order to increase your chances of obtaining the different documents.