Certified public accounting

Public accounting

LPG London provides bookkeeping and accounting revision services. This primary responsibility of the Public Accountant consists in preparing the annual accounts, as well as interim reports and forward accounts.


Our job as Public Accountants is part of a tailored and concise process towards drawing up the annual accounts and the company’s entire financial statements.

We support entrepreneurs from the birth of their project until its completion. We provide assistance through all steps: analysis phase, creation of the company, setting up the accounting and administrative organization, financial forecasting, tax optimization, administrative management of staff, payroll, and legal assistance.

We advise and assist professionals regarding all legal, social and fiscal fields.

In a competitive environment, innovation constitutes the main source of growth for SMEs. LPG London supports innovative firms at each stage of their project development on all issues encountered, whether financial, accounting, social, fiscal or legal.

The LPG London firm provides all accounting and corporate advisory services including Public Accountancy, Statutory Auditing, with expertise in innovative fields.



▪ Putting in place an accounting system suitable to the company;

▪ Bookkeeping and accounting revision;

▪ Outsourcing of administrative and accounting functions;

▪ Preparation of interim reports;

▪ Review of computerized accountings: compliance with accounting and management rules, security of information systems, archiving, evolving capacity;

▪ Preparation of annual accounts;

▪ Preparation of budgetary estimates;

▪ Calculating cost of goods sold;

▪ Putting in place cost accounting.


LPG London assists the management of the company through defining budgetary estimates and financial goals. LPG London ensures these goals are respected over time through specific management tools, analyzing gaps and highlighting measures and remedy plans.



▪ Assistance with the creation of the firm and investments projects; 

▪ Putting in place budgetary control and scorecards;

▪ Assistance with cash management, fundraising, and relationships with banks and financial institutions.